mBIOTA Elemental's Diet Powder mixed in a glass of water - a superior tasting solution compared to competitors

Elemental Diets

Over more than 50 years and across hundreds of clinical studies, doctors and scientists have demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of elemental diets for the nutritional management of a variety of health conditions.

However due to the traditionally unpalatable taste, it was close to impossible to achieve meaningful patient compliance…until now.

The mBIOTA Elemental Difference
  • Woman holding a bottle with mBIOTA's Elemental Diet solution

    What is an Elemental Diet?

    Elemental diets are nutritionally complete formulas comprising pre-digested nutrients, including amino acids, monosaccharides, vitamins, and minerals. These diets facilitate rapid absorption within the first 2-4 feet of the small intestine, minimizing digestive workload and optimizing nutrient uptake. This composition is particularly advantageous for patients with compromised digestive function, and has been confirmed across multiple clinical studies for various GI disorders.

  • Possible SIBO/Crohn's/IBS patient in need of an Elemental Diet

    What Can Elemental Diets Be Used For?

    Elemental diets have many health applications and are most commonly used for the dietary management of gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction.

    Published clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of elemental diets for the nutritional management of IBS, SIBO, IBD and Crohn's Disease.

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    What is the mBIOTA Elemental™ Difference?

    mBIOTA Elemental™ revolutionizes elemental diets. Our two highly palatable flavors, Original and Orange, significantly improve patient experience. Developed by leading gastroenterologists and food scientists, mBIOTA Elemental™ was successfully used in the first prospective clinical trial of elemental diet for SIBO and IMO patients. 100% of the patients enrolled completed the full two-week course of exclusive elemental diet, something never before achieved in trials using other elemental diets.

Group of women celebrating elemental diet solutions

An elemental diet typically lasts for two weeks during which it is your sole source of nutrition.

The mBIOTA Elemental™ diet is available in two flavors, Original Tropical Vanilla, and Orange, and the average user drinks six (300kcal each) shakes a day for two weeks.
  • Grab-and-Go Sachets

    mBIOTA Elemental™ diet powder comes in single serving sachets so not only is there no measuring but you can easily take them with you anywhere in your day.

  • Great Taste

    We spent two years working with some of the best food scientists to solve the taste problem with traditional elemental diets. The result: an easily drinkable shake.

  • Multiple Flavors

    To make your two week liquid diet easier, we created two flavors to choose from. Pick your favorite or try one week of each with our "Mixed" flavor option.

  • Complete 2 Week Plan

    You will receive everything you need for a two week diet, including our detailed Welcome Guide with tips and tricks, as well as two steel shaker bottles and blender balls.

Better Taste. Better Results.

A truly palatable Elemental Diet is finally here.