Elemental Diet
      4 Day Plan

      Best for short-term resets during symptom flares. Or use this plan to experience the benefits of an elemental diet before committing to a longer regimen.

      Available in Original, Orange, and Mixed Flavor options.

      $225.00 USD
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      Elemental Diet
      1 Week Plan

      For a shorter, yet effective dietary intervention, our 1-week plan delivers all the essential nutrients in a manageable timeframe. This plan is best for those needing a quick, intensive support period to alleviate symptoms or for those looking to use the elemental diet as supplemental nutrition.

      Available in Original or Orange flavor options.

      $375.00 USD
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      Elemental Diet
      2 Week Plan

      Our 2-week plan provides nutritional support for extended dietary needs. Ideal for chronic GI conditions, this plan is the protocol that was used effectively in our clinical trial patients.

      Available in Original, Orange, and Mixed Flavor options.

      $750.00 USD
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      About mBIOTA Elemental™ Diet

      mBIOTA Elemental™ diet is a clinically proven medical food designed for the dietary management of GI dysfunction.

      All ingredients are in their simplest "elemental" form to aid digestion and our easily drinkable flavors reduce the chance of diet fatigue.

      • Our unique elemental diet powder contains 100% free-form amino acids that deliver essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a readily absorbable formula
      • Single serving 300kcal sachets make it easy to grab-and-go without disrupting your life - just mix with 10 oz of water and enjoy your shake anywhere
      • Designed to support nutritional sustenance under medical supervision

      Nutritional Benefits

      mBIOTA Elemental™ diet is designed for the dietary management of GI dysfunction, including:

      • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
      • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
      • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including Crohn’s disease

      Better Taste. Better Results.

      A truly palatable Elemental Diet is finally here.